The Learning Community Support TLC

OUR COMMUNITY FUND  –  Your gift and participation supports our programs at TLC making a difference. Contributions to TLC are powerful examples of stewardship and deeply meaningful statements of support. The Community Fund supports our academic programs, equity and inclusion work, outdoor education, and the full student experience at TLC.

VOLUNTEERING  –  We welcome campus volunteers. There are many ways you can help from trail maintenance and campus repairs to being a class parent or helping with the auction.


Your support makes the TLC experience possible! When you give to TLC, you are investing in the community, campus, and core values that make TLC one of the more transformative, innovative, small independent schools in the region! Your contribution makes it possible for our students to explore, inquire, problem solve, experiment, experience, and connect with the world around them, all while inspiring a love of learning. The Learning Community School is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and, as such, all donations to TLC are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

The Learning Community Comminuty Fund
The Learning Community Volunteering


Parents can volunteer their time to activities outside of the classroom. Serving on the Board and school committees such as Trails, BEI, and Auction Committees are other ways for parents to share their gifts.

Our families come together to support the classrooms as class parents, annual fund volunteers, and for campus activities such as spirit week and camp outs.

Parent volunteerism not only enriches student life at TLC, but allows our school to also function as a unique community. The school thrives on each family’s participation. There are many ways to share your gifts and talents at TLC!

The community musical is an opportunity for the entire community to particiapte. Parents can volunteer to work the sound booth; construct or paint sets; do hair and makeup; sew costumes; organize and run the snack booth among many options.

The Learning Community Volunterring