TLC’s outdoor education curriculum fosters students’ compassion, collaboration, creativity, courage, curiosity, and commitment to and within the natural environment.

Program Objectives

  • Individual growth and self-awareness through connecting with nature
  • Comfort and fun in the outdoors
  • Greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world
  • Skill development
  • Community engagement with mixed-age groups
  • Immersive learning
  • Mentoring/leadership training
  • Trust
  • TEAMwork


A formal PE class is offered once a week for each class, where there is a focus on basic skills, fitness, and team games/sports. In the past we have held sessions in tai chi, soccer, archery, yoga, basketball, rock climbing, tennis, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, kick ball, and hiking. Additionally, the K/1 and 2/3/4 classes have a mindful stretching, hiking, or woods play class each quarter of the year.

Students enjoy hiking, canoeing, backpacking, rock climbing, and gardening in Outdoor Education classes.

TLC is one of six schools that make up the Hospitality League of Asheville. Through this program, students in grades 6/8 have the option of participating in flag football, basketball, and soccer.