The Learning Community Board of Directors

The Learning Community School is a nonprofit private independent school, governed by a Board of Directors. Members of the parent body, alumni, greater community, and past faculty are represented on TLC board. The board works to ensure that TLC remains financially stable, fiscally responsible, forward-thinking, and adherent to its mission and core values. Under the guidance of its president, the board is comprised of several working committees, each of which examines key issues and makes policy recommendations that strengthen the School and support its goals.


  • Amy Packer, Chair
  • Kenny Capps, Co-Chair
  • John Ewing, Treasurer
  • Brookes Parrish, Secretary
  • Alexandra Brown
  • Lindsay Hensley
  • Grace Kayce
  • Frank Marshall
  • Lauren Northup
  • Mary Pembleton
  • Carol Steele

The Board of Directors meets monthly during the school year. Meetings are open to all community members except for December and January when financial matters are discussed. Any community member that is interested in joining the Board of Directors should contact the Board Chair.