Our students learn in a variety of settings using a wide range of instructional approaches. Giving each student the opportunity to grow and learn in a way they can interact with class material and apply their knowledge empowers them to reach their full academic potential. At TLC we strive for our students to discover who they are, develop their individual talents, and push them to excel.

Experiential Learning

TLC classes are filled with hands-on, inquiry-based lessons that encourage students to make discoveries.

I love that my child learns math using hands-on methods. It helps the learning come alive for her! She really understands what she is doing and why in a way that I never did.

–TLC Parent

Personalized Instruction

Due to our small classroom size and our low teacher-student ratio, no child can fall through the cracks. The TLC staff realizes that the “one size fits all” approach to instruction is not effective; just as every student is different, each student’s approach to learning is different. Their uniqueness is embraced, encouraged. Students are allowed to develop and grow as individuals.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Our low student/teacher ratio gives students the opportunity to excel academically. Academic lessons in language arts and math are held in small groups, and students are continually supported by direct, individual instruction.

Family and Community Engagement

Because we are a small community, families get to know each other through various events, such as morning parent socials, Authors’ Parties, holiday celebrations, and the all-school musical.

My children are part of a supportive and nurturing school community at TLC. The school is a big part of our family’s everyday life; we know the parents of our children’s friends as our own friends.

– TLC parent

TEAM Conflict Resolution

In the summer of 2000, The Learning Community School was one of the first schools in the area to adopt a new conflict mediation curriculum developed by the Asheville Mediation Center. Not only does this curriculum involve weekly lessons and exercises/games on developing listening skills, anger management techniques, and conflict mediation skills, but also the TEAM format that is introduced to the children provides a successful mechanism for handling most conflicts or problems that might arise at school.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is more than just being outside. Incorporating the outdoors into our curriculum is a key part of our academic program. Discovering science by the pond, tracking wildlife in the woods, building trails and reading spaces, outdoor education is integral to what we do.

High Academic Standards

Academic standards at TLC School are set high; students are given the opportunity to work above grade level in every subject. Students are supported in all areas of their academic life. This includes small class size, individualized instruction, and tutoring.

Graduates of our program are prepared for advanced placement courses in area high schools, including The Asheville School, Owen High, Asheville High, SILSA, Christ School, and Reynolds High.

Multi-age Classes and Mentorship

Our multi-age classes give students opportunities to foster their leadership skills during years when they are the oldest in the class. Every student has a buddy in each of the four homeroom classes. These buddies play TEAM games together, honor each other on birthdays and Valentine’s Day, and in general, enjoy seeing each other around campus.