While art is integrated into the morning academic blocks, we offer a more formal art class to all students once a week.  These art classes further develop the language arts, social studies, science, and math curriculums, while instilling the spirit of creativity and self-expression. Students enjoy using a wide variety of materials to experience diverse art forms and learning various styles, genres, and techniques used by famous artists.


The Learning Community Music


TLC students experience music with their entire bodies. Singing, rhythm chants and games, movement, playing rhythmic and melodic instruments, composition, and performance provide the means by which students learn the fundamentals of music. These basics include pitch, melody and harmony, beat and rhythm, music reading, and musical expression. Formal instruction in recorder is offered to 4th – 6th grade students and those in 7th and 8th grades learn to play guitar. All students participate in choral and instrumental performance four times per year, including the school’s spring musical. In addition, TLC supports students studying music privately outside school by providing opportunities for them to perform for the larger TLC community throughout the year.


Each year, TLC students perform in a school musical. This presents a wonderful opportunity for the student body, as well as a great chance for the entire community to come together. Every family can be involved in some aspect of the musical- from costume design to constructing sets to popping corn at the concession stand, the musical allows all families to plug into behind-the-scenes theater life.

The students benefit from the on-stage experience in countless ways. There is a long journey from the first moment they are handed a script and begin memorizing lines to the final curtain call with thunderous applause. The costume fittings, blocking, choreography, and chorus numbers all require focus and attention from each and every student. While the musical serves as an entertaining event for the community, it is an irreplaceable growing experience for the students.

The Learning Community Musical