T: Talk it out.
E: Everyone counts.
A: Appreciations, not putdowns.
M: Make it fair.

Communication, Conflict Resolution, Cooperation

In the summer of 2000, The Learning Community School was one of the first schools in the area to adopt a new conflict mediation curriculum developed by the Asheville Mediation Center. This curriculum involves weekly lessons, exercises, games, and conflict mediation skills. The TEAM format provides a successful mechanism for handling conflicts that might arise at school. The TLC Board and faculty feel that the skills learned in the TEAM curriculum support and embrace the community focus of our school; therefore, we utilize and integrate this important knowledge into our school day.

The Learning Community TEAM
The Learning Community Monthly Character Study


  • September: Mindfulness
  • October: Compassion
  • November: Integrity
  • December: Gratitude
  • January: Collaboration
  • February: Creativity
  • March: Wonder
  • April: Perseverance


While the school was founded with the intent of building awareness in the children of their place in the world community, in its third year of operation, TLC’s community service program added a new dimension. Over a two-year period, TLC received three grants from the NC Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service and the NC Humanities Council to support a service-learning program.

The Learning Community Service Learning
The Learning Community Service Learning 2

Past and current projects include reading partners at the Lakeview Senior Center, adopting a section of the Swannanoa River through River Link, Animal Haven, an organic school garden with produce going to Manna Food Bank and The Welcome Table, and the creation of a natural science and cultural heritage museum at our local 4-H camp. Our children have an opportunity to give back to their community, and gain an understanding and appreciation (at an early age) for helping others.