TLC’s mission is to create an environment where children enjoy learning and where the educational needs of the whole child are met. TLC achieves this by providing hands on, experiential academics in combination with outdoor education, artistic expression, service learning and TEAM, our conflict-resolution model. TLC prides itself on its ability to set rigorous academic standards without overloading students with an abundance of homework or rote learning exercises.

On any given day, you will find TLC students involved in hands-on academic lessons as well as other classes including Spanish, gardening, bucket drumming, drama, sports, knitting, chess, science labs, chorus, ukulele, or recorder. Because the majority of the students’ academic work is completed during the school day, it is imperative that students attend school as much as possible; unnecessary absences are discouraged.


Our goal is to integrate learning programs that interest, challenge, and encourage students. To put this simply, we strive to make learning personal, enriching, and just plain fun. Our curriculum is an eclectic blend of units of study from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, the North Carolina Reference Guide for Integrating Curriculum, and the CORE Knowledge Series (through grade 6). Our teachers used these resources to create our three-year rotational units of study for science and social studies. The teachers continuously work to create an individualized, child-centered curriculum for the students. At their own pace, students will acquire the standard skills recommended by the NC Board of Education.