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Equity and inclusion are integral to our work at TLC. Ensuring healthy school life requires ongoing dialogue, self-reflection, and action towards ever more inclusive and equitable practices and policies. Our work is expanding beyond conversations about differences in both breadth and depth as we constantly re-evaluate what it means to be conscientious equity practitioners. We believe that, while imperfect and sometimes stumbling, we must remain on the path toward building a stronger community and, ultimately, a better world.

We believe humankind is by nature equal; it is flawed systems and institutions that create inequality, oppression, and a false sense of superiority.  We continue to refine equity work with our staff through continuing education and professional development, the teaching of a heart-centered curriculum, and inspiring students to be their best selves while cultivating awareness and mindfulness. 

Students practice hands-on self-advocacy, allowing them to gain an understanding of how they learn best and how to respond to conflicts when they arise. We educate all students to use their voices to advocate for a better world.

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Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team works from a set of four shared values:

relationships, education, accountability, and action.


are our foundation, and create the bonds necessary to call people to the work of anti-racism. We foster strong relationships in our team, and create a network through these relationships in the larger community.


is at the heart of what we seek to accomplish. Educating ourselves on decolonization through studies, books, and personal experience allows us to share what we’ve learned to implement action within our community and educational curriculum.


keeps us moving forward. We regularly assess our process within our committees and work with a local consultant to continue deepening our professional development and community offerings. Consulting with a third party helps us set goals and gain an objective perspective on our progress.


is how we show up on issues that arise—within the TLC community, the local community, our state, or even nationally—to help to create anti-racist policies and support those working to dismantle racism and promote equity. We act within our community by staying informed and participating in events that promote cultural awareness and a deeper understanding of our friends and neighbors.



Our committee is composed of parents/guardians and staff members working together to explore equity and inclusion.  Seeking to learn from each other and experts in this area, the committee has defined areas of emphasis focusing on our internal community growth and opportunities for us to connect with others in the Asheville community.  All current families and staff are welcome to participate.