At TLC, we inspire children to realize their true selves by nurturing curiosity, creativity, resilience, and a conscious connection to nature and community within a challenging academic environment.

The Learning Community Our History


The Learning Community School was founded in 1996 by a small group of parents and a teacher from Warren Wilson College, who sought to create a cooperative school for children which integrated experiential education with outdoor education, the creative arts, and community service. In 1998, TLC received its non-profit status and stopped operating as a cooperative, but maintained its cooperative spirit in that parents are an integral part of the community. The school was started on the very same campus that was home to the historic Black Mountain College in the 1930s – 1950s, which boasted the likes of Buckminster Fuller and Albert Einstein. To this day, TLC continues the tradition of experiential, innovative education on their campus on Bee Tree Road.


As a community, TLC thrives on coming together and celebrating each other. At its essence, TLC lives its commitment to community. From educating students to welcoming families into our classrooms, we want to make connections, build understanding, and foster relationships that go far beyond TLC’s classrooms.

The Learning Community Our Community
The Learning Community Our Experience


We create an environment where children enjoy learning and where the educational needs of the whole child are met. TLC achieves this by providing experiential academics in combination with outdoor education, artistic expression, service learning and TEAMour conflict-resolution model. TLC prides itself on its ability to set rigorous academic standards without overloading students with an abundance of homework or rote learning exercises all while helping them fulfill their academic potential.

On any given day, you will find TLC students involved in hands-on academic lessons as well as other classes including Spanish, gardening, bucket drumming, drama, sports teams, knitting, chess, science labs, chorus, ukulele, or recorder.