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A Community Striving For

Personal Growth

Talk it out

Everyone counts

Appreciations, not putdowns

Make it fair

Fostering A Culture Of


  • I feel so grateful for this school. My kids come home happy each day!

    – Alexandra

  • We appreciate Kiersten for helping settle the K/1 classroom into their new handwashing routine each morning; John, Dan, and Meggan for helping in the morning carline; and Daisy for her office/recycling/trash support!

    -H and K

  • TLC is even more of a home this year than it used to be!


  • I would like to appreciate Mitzi for her calm, sweet, peaceful, and patient way in the K/1 classroom. She is the best!

    – Kiersten



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The Learning Community

We would love to hear from you. We welcome visitors to our school for tours on select Wednesday mornings at 9:00.

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Swannanoa, NC 28778