Decolonization, Equity, and Inclusion

At TLC, we are dedicated to cultivating a strong sense of self within each student that develops into a sense of belonging in the community, which values each member equally. 

This deep level of confidence and compassion requires students to be free from any notions of otherness, inferiority, or superiority. 

We believe humankind is by nature equal; it is flawed systems and institutions that create inequality, oppression, and a false sense of superiority.  

We continue to refine equity work with our staff through continuing education and professional development, the teaching of a heart-centered curriculum, and inspiring students to be their best selves while cultivating awareness and mindfulness. 

Students practice hands-on self-advocacy, allowing them to gain an understanding of how they learn best and how to respond to conflicts when they arise.

Who We Are: 

We are a body of passionate parents, educators, and community members who continue to educate ourselves, our students, and our community about systemic racism and how to dismantle it. 

We do this through anti-racist education and collective empowerment through study. These dynamic and on-going conversations layer upon the years of work we have done to educate ourselves, and respect our students, families, and staff of color by creating norms. 

We educate all students to use their voices to advocate for change. 

Our Decolonization, Equity, and Inclusion Team works from a set of four shared values: relationships, education, accountability, and action. 

  1. Relationships are our foundation, and create the bonds necessary to call people to the work of anti-racism. We foster strong relationships in our team, and create a network through these relationships in the larger community.

  2. Education is at the heart of what we seek to accomplish. Educating ourselves on decolonization through studies, books, and personal experience allows us to share what we’ve learned to implement action within our community and educational curriculum. 

  3. Accountability keeps us moving forward. We regularly assess our process within our committees and work with a local consultant to continue deepening our professional development and community offerings. Consulting with a third party helps us set goals and gain an objective perspective on our progress.

  4. Action is how we show up on issues that arise—within the TLC community, the local community, our state, or even nationally—to help to create anti-racist policies and support those working to dismantle racism and promote equity. We act within our community by staying informed and participating in events that promote cultural awareness and a deeper understanding of our friends and neighbors. 

The Decolonization, Equity, and Inclusion Team is currently working through four sub-committees:

  1. Research and Resourcesdevelop classroom libraries to reflect more viewpoints, genres, and types of characters, as well as building a lending library of anti-racist and inclusive literature for the community. 
  2. Who We Arewe continue to develop our identity as a committee within the school and larger community. We are developing relationships in the region and state to further understand ourselves and our members as we create a long-range vision for this committee. As always, we are seeking a wider variety of viewpoints and perspectives and value all voices, but seek to amplify those voices who have been historically left out.
  3. Larger School Conversations, Education, and Curriculaincludes our educational resources and book studies, and a larger, evolving conversation around how to decolonize curriculum within the TLC community.
  4. Outreach forging relationships with other individuals and organizations engaged in this work in the larger community; sharing in an ongoing conversation on how to increase connections, effectiveness,  and action plans.

A Community Striving For

Personal Growth

Talk it out

Everyone counts

Appreciations, not putdowns

Make it fair

Fostering A Culture Of


  • We appreciate Kiersten for helping settle the K/1 classroom into their new handwashing routine each morning; John, Dan, and Meggan for helping in the morning carline; and Daisy for her office/recycling/trash support!

    -H and K

  • I would like to appreciate Mitzi for her calm, sweet, peaceful, and patient way in the K/1 classroom. She is the best!

    – Kiersten

  • TLC is even more of a home this year than it used to be!


  • I feel so grateful for this school. My kids come home happy each day!

    – Alexandra



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