6th and 7th Work on Primitive Skills

On Friday, October 11th, our 6th and 7th graders worked on their primitive skills outdoors. Outdoor Education lead, Mr. Noah said:

The middle school jumped into making mound fires as related to Principle 5 of Leave No Trace, which deals with minimizing campfire impacts. Students had to construct a sand mound on a small tarp, gather and organize tender, and tend a small fire for at least five minutes. Fires were to be maintained at a minimal size, and all tender was to be burnt to ash, then thoroughly doused with water. Once coals were cool enough, they were scattered around the area to reduce observable presence. All unused tender and sand were returned to original places to reduce impact. The goal was to make it seem like a fire was never constructed in the area.

The kids love working and learning outdoors, all the while respecting the natural world and using their safety skills.

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  • I feel so grateful for this school. My kids come home happy each day!

    – Alexandra

  • TLC is even more of a home this year than it used to be!


  • We appreciate Kiersten for helping settle the K/1 classroom into their new handwashing routine each morning; John, Dan, and Meggan for helping in the morning carline; and Daisy for her office/recycling/trash support!

    -H and K

  • I would like to appreciate Mitzi for her calm, sweet, peaceful, and patient way in the K/1 classroom. She is the best!

    – Kiersten



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